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Travelling Safely in Iceland. Hearing the Land speak

A special memorandum to the tourists in Iceland
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A special memorandum to the tourists in Iceland

Dear friends,

Now we have published a new book especially written for you compiled by the Reverend Vigfús Ingvar Ingvarsson on Egilsstaðir in East-Iceland:

Hearing the Land speak

This book contains a lot of practical information on safe travel in Iceland. In the first main part: Iceland, charming, safe and dangerous.

In the second part: The living nature and culture. You can learn something interesting about animals, birds and plants in Iceland and the people and their culture.

The third part: Icelandic and place names, gives you information about the language and how to understand the place names. And what these names can tell you about the life in Iceland through the centuries. And how interwoven these three factors are in Iceland: The land, the people and the language.

Have a safe and enjoyable journey!